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After recruiting for 13 years and constantly feeling underserved by the recruitment technology available to us, we decided to do something about it and founded myRecdex with the mission to build awesome & accessible recruitment tools that make hiring easier and recruiters’ lives happier.

As recruiters ourselves, we’ve noticed that mail response rate is declining everyday, and that candidates are not answering their phone as much as they used to, so texting has become one of the most effective ways to engage with candidates.

However, your personal phone isn't designed for mass texting: It's slow. It’s not scalable. It can get lost or stolen. And giving your personal number out to strangers isn't a good idea... 

That’s why we’re building Engage which is a revolutionary Chrome Extension that gives recruiters their own local number, allows them to easily build talent pools from any social site or ATS, and engage with them effortlessly via intelligent mass text messaging


 Brian & Bradley
myRecdex Founders

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You're already texting with your candidates - we're making it faster, easier, and safer.

Introducing Engage by myRecdex:  a revolutionary Chrome Extension that allows you to easily build talent pools from any social site or ATS and engage with your candidates effortlessly 1:1 or via an intelligent mass text messaging campaign.




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